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_Bring us your own animals for custom slaughter and processing or order your meat from us.


Our meat is free of dyes, preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics, and pesticide residue.


We sell pasture-grazed or grain-fed animals: raised with care, humanely slaughtered, butchered with skill--all right here on our family farm.


For 96 years, the Verdun family has provided the Cajun communities of southern Louisiana with flavorful, mouth-watering beef and pork. Lamb and goat are also available now.


      come to our

meat  market  for a

"MOO"-VABLE  Feast.

Member of Louisiana Cattlemen's Assoc.          LA Dept. of Agriculture State-Inspected Plant         A Trusted Family Business for 95 Years

 Buy in bulk or by the pound

Local. Sustainable. Delicious.

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Verdun's Meat Market